As a Sydney Life Coach I work with clients all over the world and while I am yet to have a client with a goal to be happier, the by product of goals and the person you become from achieving your goals is happiness (delivered in its many forms).  The #100happydays movement isn’t linked at all to the achievement of goals but instead it challenges participants to be happy for 100 days straight. Is it possible? I’m pretty sure it is but just to be sure I will give it a go.


Beautiful Manly Beach

Paradise right here in Sydney at Manly Beach

Being happy for me means so many things but the biggest driver for my happiness is gratitude for what I have. As the world’s number one business coach, Brad Sugars, says ‘You will never get more of what you want tomorrow until you’re happy with what you have got today”.

Day one is today, the 1st of May 2014, and what made me happy today (Thursday) was walking along Manly beach with my wife talking about our meeting our baby which is due any day now. Pretty hard not to be happy doing this!

Could you be happy for 100 days straight? Give it a go with me!

Author: Jesse

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