17,000 days left

So planet Earth has been around for 4.5 Billion years(4,500,000,000 years!) but we only get  to live on this beautiful planet for 80 or so years? Just thinking about that spins me out. Our chance to make our mark, make a difference and make art (yes Seth Godin is my God) is such a minuscule window of opportunity. What will earth be like in another 400 years? Will they look back at the 2000′s like we look at the 1600′s? Quite a lot has changed since 1613.


If I live until I’m 80 I will roughly have 17,000 days left(46 x 365) to achieve everything I want to do in life. What if that isn’t enough to get everything I want done?

How do we make sure that our time on planet earth is the best it possibly can?

This is what I am thinking at the moment about making the most of my short time here:

Learn everything  I can – Our brain is the biggest and most complex computer system in the world and it’s our job to expand it and upgrade it to be the best computer it can be. It’s a hungry beast so feed it!

Love – The connections we have with a significant other, friends and family are everything. If you haven’t got enough love, you can’t make the most of the 22,000 days between being 18 and turning 80 but the good news is it’s never too late for you to go out and create more love in your life (emphasis on “you” and “create”).

Meditate – Giving my brain a time to rest, reflect and recharge is the right thing to do for my brain.

Stay fit - This implies firstly that you get fit but once you get fit, stay fit. If there is an apocalyptic event you want to make sure you are fit and can defend yourself from zombies plus I’m happier when I’m exercising and being active and being happy is big.

I recently quit alcohol too which is a dangerous concept living in Australia where so much revolves around having a drink. Not drinking means I am winning back lots of time that I can use for the above mentioned activities. It’s not for everyone and I certainly am not suggesting that anyone else should follow suit.

Activity not to do after reading this post: Do not go and watch the movie “Bucket List” (Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholas). That would be an utter waste of your precious time. Such a bad movie but great concept.

So get out there  “You only live once”(#YOLO), “You’re a long time looking at the lid” etc etc

Author: Jesse

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