7 Benefits of CoWorking

In a world where the way we work and learn is changing at an ever increasing pace CoWorking spaces are popping up across the globe (including across Sydney). These workspaces are stimulating and productive spaces aimed at individuals and teams who want to progress, develop and achieve their goals whilst being inspired by the energy and collaboration of others, without the distractions.

Need 7 more reasons on why you should start CoWorking?


Remove yourself from the distractions of your work/home environment

Have you sat down with the books ready to dedicate a day to  your business planning, only to be distracted moments later with a neighbours dog barking, the kids coming home from swimming lessons, the pile of laundry which needs doing..? Whether you are getting that new business idea off the ground or studying your MBA, CoWorking spaces allow you to separate yourself from your home life and concentrate on the tasks at hand.



Coworking spaces are the perfect place for like minded, motivated people to work, learn, engage, and be supported in their journey. You can choose to work alone or interact with the other CoWorkers, sharing ideas, talking through action items & keeping each other accountable. This might be the important factor missing for small business owners who traditionally work from a home office and rarely network with other entrepreneurs.

Network at our regular events or even book in some time with our resident Business & Life Coach, Jesse Gardiner. We believe that if you are looking to take yourself to the next level, speaking with a coach, such as Jesse, might be the best thing you ever did. Jesse is the Business Manager for The CoWorks Group and is also a qualified Coach. He can work with you to adapt your way of thinking, develop clear goals & overcome obstacles that might be standing in the way of you and your dream.



How many times have you heard the phrase “Consistency is the Key to Success”! You don’t have to be an expert to figure out that consistency is pretty essential to successful change, whether that change is losing the last 5kg or taking your business to the next level. Consistently hitting the gym and managing your diet or consistently staying focused on your goals by working on a regular basis in a productive and controlled environment.


Meeting Spaces

Booking in your client meetings at the local café or even in your lounge room?? Hardly impressive to the new or existing client is it! Most Coworking spaces, including The CoWorks in Mosman and Bondi have meeting rooms available to their coworkers as well as office facilities which we take for granted but which will boost your self confidence and credibility. Free internet, printing services, nespresso machine, full kitchen, catering possibilities and more.


Great video showing the benefits of co-working from the CoWorking space “Mindhive” which I will be working out of in March 2014 when I am in Auckland, New Zealand.


Energy Feeders

What kind of people are utililising CoWorking spaces?  Motivated, skilled, focused and talented individuals.

What kind of energy do these people omit? Positiveness, Inspirational, Excitement, Supportiveness.

Who wouldn’t want to work around more people like that??

Pure CoWorking spaces are normally reserved for small business owners and entrepreneurs but in the case of companies such as Commonwealth Bank, Macquarie Bank, IBM and Microsoft they have adopted CoWorking principles into their Sydney offices because they want to encourage the type of energy you want in your work week.


Start working “ON” your business

You’re on the way to work thinking how you can increase efficiencies and decrease costs within your business. You are making lists in your head of ideas and action plans, you’re feeling pretty positive to get into the office and start working on this. You get to the office, there are more emails needing action than you had anticipated, meetings are called, phones are ringing. But you get to the end of the day and you feel pretty good because you crossed some items off your list and returned those phone messages. But then realise that you haven’t had a moment to consider your business planning and decide to leave it until “tomorrow”. CoWorking spaces allow you to spend time “On” your Business rather than always “IN” your business.


Another cup of coffee please!

Have you resorted to spending your days in the corner of a coffee shop connected to their free WiFi ready for your work day. Felt distracted by the hovering waitress, the old ladies next to you trying to use their new iphone, the buzz of the kitchen and the blare of 106.5 in the background?  Get serious about the job at hand and get yourself into a Coworking space.


At The Coworks Mosman we encourage our CoWorkers to get to know each other. This will inevitably lead to a greater sense of motivation & support for each other’s businesses and dreams, as well as creating that positive work environment. To facilitate this network we host regular events in our office after-hours so that you can clock-off, have a drink and learn a little about what your colleagues are up to. You may even find that your businesses or ideas have compatible synergies which could lead to even more opportunity for you!

CoWorking sessions are available in Bondi and Mosman on Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Utilise these 3 days of the week to give you the boost of energy needed to keep up the good work in your own time.


Visit The CoWorks to learn more.


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Author: Jesse

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