Creating a compelling vision for your life or business

If you don’t know where you are going how are you supposed to get there?

If I was limited to only one business coaching or life coaching tool when working with clients I would choose creating a compelling vision of what the ultimate destination will be. How will it look and feel and what will be different in the persons life so that we know when the vision has been achieved.

Having a powerful vision for your life and or business will allow you to ride out the inevitable valleys that you need to pass through on your way to the top of whatever mountain it is you are climbing. If you are always focusing on the mountain peak you will find a way to keep going.

Creating a compelling vision starts by imagining a life or business that you would like to have if anything were possible for you, if nothing could stop you in 1, 2 or 5 years time what is your life or business like? What is different, how does it feel, how are you spending your time?

Now I now you are keen to start writing but I would recommend you watch this video to help expand the possibilities of what is possible for you.

Now it’s time to grab a piece of paper and spend 30 minutes imagining the life you want to have. You have to see it before you can have it.

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Author: Jesse

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