Detail is one step away from problem

Over this last week there has been a common theme with my life coaching and business coaching clients from Mumbai through to London. If we spend too much time focusing on the detail of a project/challenge it is inevitable that we will end up with a problem focus unless we re-engage with our vision before dropping into problem.

The five areas of focus developed by David Rock (Neuroleadership Group) have revolutionised my life both in my professional life and personal life and sharing this “technology”(as one of my clients refers to it as) has become somewhat of a mission for me.

So what are the five areas of focus?

  • Vision
  • Planning
  • Detail
  • Problem
  • Drama

The person who stays in Vision(“This is where I am going”) and Planning (“This is how I am going to get there”) the most wins in the game of life and business. Of course it is crucial to spend some time in the Detail (looking at our accounts, finishing our website off, responding to emails etc) however too much time spent here without some time in vision and planning we will inevitably drop into problem(“We need more clients or ……” or “staff member x isn’t doing her job”. we will end up in drama ( “it’s all just hopeless” or “I’m a failure”)

The best way to stay out of problem and drama is to create a cycle of Vision, Planning, Detail..Vision, Planning Detail…Vision, planning detail.

In order to be able to use this powerful tool the first step is to increase your awareness around where your current focus is. Once you have the awareness you can determine whether you need to get out of problem and drama.

If you found yourself in Problem and Drama how could you get back to vision and planning?

I love sharing this coaching “technology” with my clients so if you would like to spend more time in vision and planning contact me for a complimentary session.


Author: Jesse

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    Thanks for this article! It consolidates what we have been chatting about in our recent coaching sessions!