Book review – The Icarus Deception: How high will you fly? Seth Godin

You have probably heard of Seth Godin, the highly successful entrepreneur as we well as a being a marketing and business guru who has written many top selling books on including “The Purple Cow”, “Permission Marketing”, “Linchpin” plus more however his best book (in my humble opinion) is The Icarus Deception(2012). In Icarus deception the reader is provided with a detailed map of the current business landscape(post industrial revolution) and what one will need to do in order to survive and hopefully thrive.

Warning: This book may get you off your backside and into action.


I highly recommend Seth’s prolific blog. Click this image to be taken to the blog.

Icarus, from Greek mythology, who was told not to fly too low so as to avoid the challenges of  nor fly too high for the sun would melt the wax that kept his wings together. Icarus did fly too high and was destroyed however in The Icarus Deception Godin encourages us regular people to fly high and ignore our belief that only certain people can be artists or else be left watching others enjoy the “bright lights of artistic success”.

Yes the economy is tough and the jobs that were around a few years ago are going but thanks to the connection economy we all live in there are boundless opportunities to make art, be noticed and be missed if you were gone.

Godin encourages each and every one of us to get out there and produce and ship “art” while at the same time expose ourselves to the vulnerabilities that accompany producing art. Thomas Edison is an artist, Bill Gates is an artist. Kelly Slater is an artist. You can be an artist too.

On being a self development book, The Icarus Deception, ticks all the boxes telling readers how it is. You can make art and you will fail on your journey to make great art but if you keep going you will become a great artist. Godin tells us “I’d like you to become an artist. To make connections that matter. That’s my mission”.

“Aren’t you tired of pretending you can’t make a difference”

On being a business book, Seth Godin flexes his brain to demonstrate that he is the preeminent thought leader when it comes to marketing, positioning and connection with our customers.

“If you use your money to buy advertising to promote the average products you produce for average people, soon you’ll run out of money. But if you use your money to make exceptional products and services, you won’t need to spend it on advertising, because your customers will connect to one another and bring you more”

Reading this book contributed to a series of events that led to me becoming a Life Coach and Business Coach in 2013. Thanks to Seth’s work I realised that I needed to make art and ship it if I was going to make it. I love what I do so Seth, if you’re reading this. Thanks for writing the greatest self development and business book in one!

Investment advice: I am not an investment adviser however I guarantee a brilliant return on investment for your $9.99 and 5 hours reading The Icarus Deception will be outstanding and beat the S&P 500 any day! If you read this book and you’re not convinced that you too can make art I will personally refund you your $9.99 and give you a 60 minute life coaching or business coaching session to make up for the time you lost reading.

The greatest book ever written on Personal Development

Author: Jesse

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