How can a business coach help?

Business coaching is the more widely known practice of coaching and while there are many differences between the life coaching and business coaching there are also many similarities. Both involve supporting individuals or businesses to get from where they are now to where they want to get to in the future, ideally via the shortest possible route. Having a business coach will support you to gain control of your business instead of it controlling you and once this has been achieved your coach will then challenge and stretch you to take your business further than you thought possible.

Having your own business can be a wonderful journey but it can also get to a point where you feel that you are a prisoner to your business while everyone else around you is enjoying the wonderful joys that life has to offer. If this describes your situation, you have probably had a look on to see what jobs are out there. But you don’t want a job. You want a strong and successful business that you are proud to have created.

While it is obviously possible to embark on the journey of improving, strengthening or growing your business without the support of a business coach there are significant benefits to having one. Using the analogy of a round the world sailing adventure

A good business coach will:

  • Help you determine your ultimate destination

If you don’t know where you are going, how can you expect to get there? Being clear on the desired outcome is crucial to business success. If anything were possible where would your business be in 5 years?

  • Keep you accountable to the tasks and actions that will take you to your destination

Running a small business is challenging at the best of times and finding time to work “ON” your business is going to be the determining factor as to whether things change or they stay the same so it is the job of the coach to make sure you do what you said you would on a week to week or fortnight to fortnightly basis. When we are accountable to someone other than ourselves we are much more likely to do it.

  • Support you to develop the systems and procedures to ensure a tight ship

Having tight systems and procedures for you and your team ensures that you can be consistent with your service delivery and that the delivery of the service isn’t dependent on a single person(especially you!)

  • Create a passionate and committed crew

Without a great team and strong culture the chances of you having a strong healthy business are slim to none. A business coach can support you develop a winning culture as well as to build your remote team which will help automate your business and reduce your costs.

  • Expand your horizons to places you never dreamed possible for your business

When we are busy running a business it’s difficult to imagine taking your business to new and exciting places but a good business coach will give you the tools and support to take your business further than you thought possible.

  • Provide guidance in unchartered waters
  • In order to achieve your goals and vision for your business you will probably have to do things a little differently than you have done in the past which will mean being in unfamiliar waters and it is the job of the coach to support and guide you through the waters safetly.


If you are reading this blog chances are you have already embarked on your voyage across the seas or desert or whatever analogy works for you but have either hit some obstacles and are unsure of what to do next, or you feel like you are going around in circles. Either way, a good business coach can help you reach your destination sooner than you could on your own.

At Insight7Coaching we have developed a series of business coaching programmes which include a combination of one on one coaching, business fit sessions and coworking out of our Bondi Junction and Mosman offices. These programmes were developed to ensure that Sydney small business owners get their life back and start living the life they want to live sooner. If you live outside of Sydney Insight7 Coaching also offers Skype or telephone sessions.

A business coach can help you get from here....

A business coach can help you get from here….


To here.....

To here…..



Author: Jesse

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