Life Coaching Tony

After many years of hard work, I had done ok.

Then it all changed. Slowly but surely, I lost everything I had built. Over 5 or 6 years it seemed to go from bad to worse. I thought declaring bankruptcy would make it all better and while it helped financially, things personally just didn’t get any better.

I was lost. I had been trying to find my purpose, my sense of achievement, my “life”. I tried heaps of things myself, but anything positive was short lived.

Then I decided that I’d had enough. I couldn’t do it on my own and I needed to get help from someone else – a coach.

That was the best thing I had done for years. Jesse listened to my story, he asked questions and let me  talk, and then he asked more questions and let me talk, and then he asked more questions and I talked !

After keeping all my business, my failures and my emotions bottled up inside for so long, I was amazed at how liberating it was just to talk to someone about it who wanted to help me do something positive about my life.

The most wonderful thing was how quickly my view on “me” and my situation changed. Jesse helped me see how much I had to be grateful for, that I was a good person and that I could step forward into the next part of my journey.

Best of all, I had most of the answers myself !

Jesse’s coaching helped me get them out.

How my life has changed as a result of Coaching John

With Coaching, I feel I have my natural skills coming together in unison, in a performative kind of way.

The coaching process leads me to question many of my assumptions, to find my strengths and weakness, and work on the first steps towards opportunities, and then be held accountable to follow through with goals and be able to talk through challenges in pursuit of these goals. I find myself questioning not just personal assumptions though also cultural assumptions, and I find this really interesting and so I find myself developing an ever-deeper commitment to the process.

Simple things like getting fit, going to the Gym and getting out walking and sailing have made an immense difference to my life.

I’ve stepped up a gear with my work projects.  One of the things I’ve discovered for myself, is how to organise my work so as to choose from a limited range of work options in a way that best suits how I work at the time.  This has liberated me from overload when presented with too many work choices, its streamlined how I operate.

I’ve developed very meaningful personal skills. Like anyone, I can feel provoked and turn anti social, & waste energy.  Coaching has enabled to overcome these primitive responses and see what’s going on inside.

Some of the self awareness tools and technology involved are impressive and this know-how comes about from actual implementation.  As the Japanese say, “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare”.

With coaching, I’ve become much more capable to making steps into “Vision with action.”

 Working with Jesse had a transformational effect on my life.  I am not exaggerating when I say that after speaking to him for the first time I was so motivated that I could hardly sleep because of excitement about my new goals. Jesse challenged me with questions that really made me think about what motivated me, he really helped me to dig deeper and think about what I really wanted.

Since speaking to him I have started trail running regularly and completed a successful 30-day juice fast, lost 14lbs, and started to write my book.  On the back of these changes I believe bigger changes will happen.

If you want to have someone who not only helps you clarify your thinking but will challenge you to step outside your comfort zone.. I recommend Jesse.