What is life coaching?

Have you heard about life coaching and wondered what it’s all about? Chances are if you are curious about what having a life coach would involve, you are probably looking for something more in your life. This “more” will be different for every person and could be anything from finding a loving relationship, starting a business, increasing your income, creating financial security, climbing the corporate ladder, having a better work life balance, having better relationships with friends and family or achieving success in anything you dreamed of.

Being a life coach has given me lots of opportunities to explain what a life coach actually is and probably more importantly what a life coach is not. Put simply, life coaching is the process of having a professional to support, guide and stretch you as you go from where you are now in life to where you want to get to at some point in the future.

If we compared the journey of our life to climbing a series of mountains we can see that climbing some of these mountains can easily be achieved without too much thought or doing things differently. There are other mountains of varying degrees of difficulty that remain within our sights but for a variety of reasons we stand back and watch other people climb them. As we move through life we try to climb some of these mountains but without clear goals, strategies, actions and accountability from a professional coach we retreat to the mountains we have already conquered wondering what it takes to conquer these bigger mountains.

Having a life coach to help you with the climb up these more challenging mountains you will have a professional to walk next to you up your climb, occasionally walk behind you and occasionally lead you through unchartered territories. A life coach will have never climbed a mountain exactly like yours before but they have lots of experience supporting others with their mountain climbing. All you need to do is point to the mountains you want to climb and the journey will begin.

A typical life coaching engagement will last for between 3 to 6 months with 1 hour sessions at least once per fortnight to maintain momentum towards the goals that the coachee decides upon. The skills you develop from stretching and challenging yourself to conquer one mountain will prepare you for your next mountain, whatever that may be.

Thanks to the findings of neuroscience we know that each of our brains are vastly different so a life coach does not have the role of telling you how to climb the mountain. A coach will help you create your own map and strategies so you can own your own journey and it is through this ownership that the motivation to remain outside your comfort zone so you can complete the climb. As we say at Insight7 Coaching, the only zone is outside the comfort zone.

Author: Jesse

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