Your brain and life are a patch of forest – Are you ready to expand it?

In my training coaching was explained in a way which I found useful. Imagine your brain is a 5 sqkm patch of forest in which you inhabit. There are literally billions of connections in this patch of forest from the insects, the birds, the plant life, the creeks, the mammals, the snakes, the dirt and the rocks. When you have visitors to your patch of forest (significant partner, friends, family etc) there is a common part of your forest that you share with them. When you leave your patch of forest (trying to change for the positive) you are out of your comfort zone and therefore in a state of threat. It is usual for someone to try and enter the new parts of the forest only to retreat back to the comfort of their familiar pathways. It is safe there.

Let’s now imagine that this brave soul who wants to step outside of their 5sqkm patch of forest enlists the support of a coach. The coach is not familiar with this new landscape either however when obstacles such as a fallen tree across a pathway or a fast flowing stream inevitably occur in uncharted territories the coach is able to keep the person focused towards their desired outcome. Most people without a coach will turn around and return to their 5sqkm patch telling themselves “who was I to think I could expand my plot”. With a coach these unfamiliar territories remain challenging however the obstacles are surmountable.

I know that in my own life I became increasingly frustrated by not being able to successfully venture outside of my patch of forest. I could see where I wanted to be however the comfort and security of my patch meant I would always return and only look outwards from the edge of my patch.

Your life as a patch of forest

Author: Jesse

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