Taking that 1st step out of the zone.. the comfort zone

If you really want to change your life or reach a particular goal, you best get used to being outside of your comfort zone.


We are forever presented with opportunities to step outside of our comfort zone and occasionally we take a few steps into the unknown before we retreat back to familiar territory, comfortable with our surroundings and level of challenge. For those who choose to remain in the comfort zone that they have created for themselves, the chances of creating a new reality or goal is much lower than the individual who understands that in order to grow they will need to do things differently.

So how does one take that big step and move away from familiar territories?


Having clarity around your goal/s is the first step. If you are focused and motivated to achieve your goal you will be more likely to continue on your path. If the process of change was likened to sailing across an ocean we would want to know where we were going before we left the safe harbour otherwise we will be much more likely to return to port (your comfort zone) as soon as you hit any rough waters.


Second step is to have clear strategies in place for the journey. Strategies are the methods you put in place to achieve the goal you have outlined in step 1 above. HOW can you achieve your goal, WHAT changes do you need to make first, HOW important is it to you that you achieve your goal. A goal is the destination, strategies are the journey. Unsure that you know how to put effective strategies in place? A coach can assist you to draw these strategies out of your mind. You DO know the answer. You just don’t know where in yourself to find them.


Thirdly, Write.It.Down! Get yourself a nice large A3 piece of paper. Write your goal in the middle and create some branches off this goal with the strategies at the end of each branch. List action items beneath each strategy and guess what… you have just created a roadmap to your goal’s success!


Lastly, ensure that you have some measurements, timeframes and accountability around your goal. You have already completed the hard part and stepped out of your comfort zone. Now you just need to make sure all of that hard work isn’t wasted by having some key indicators to success for your goal.


Author: Jesse

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